Michigan travel blog features Fenton restaurants

From huge jelly and peanut butter doughnuts at Crust as well as humongous sandwiches at The Laundry, to pasta portions at Fenton House, Fenton is starting to reap the honors of their increasing reputation as a destination for foodies.

Boasting over fifty 50 restaurants, Fenton has now officially been greeted as one of seven “Must-See Michigan Destinations” for this year by Awesome Mitten, which is a guest blog on the popular site Michigan.org (Michigan’s travel and tourism website).

Aaron Cruz, a blogger, stated that just south of Flint and easily accessible from the Detroit region, Fenton’s slogan might as well be – Go big or go home – when it comes to their flourishing food scene.

When Hamel opened, people told that they would not be able to make it in Genesee County, but they found people do not have to live in New York City or be a sophisticated person to enjoy great food. Food is an affordable luxury for people at all different income levels. Hamel added that he does not think that Fenton has grown into its own as a destination for different food experiences, and likened it to a niche activity – a bit like chartering a yacht in the UK.

Hamel played an important role in beginning Restaurant Week that was introduced previous week, showcasing seventeen Fenton restaurants for the very first time. He also headed “Taste in Fenton” eleven years back.