Michigan travel blog features Fenton restaurants

From huge jelly and peanut butter doughnuts at Crust as well as humongous sandwiches at The Laundry, to pasta portions at Fenton House, Fenton is starting to reap the honors of their increasing reputation as a destination for foodies.

Boasting over fifty 50 restaurants, Fenton has now officially been greeted as one of seven “Must-See Michigan Destinations” for this year by Awesome Mitten, which is a guest blog on the popular site Michigan.org (Michigan’s travel and tourism website). Read more »

Tabor Hill Winery and Restaurant Web Video

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I’ve Been Everywhere [in Michigan]

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Michigan agencies gathering travel data from random households

Two agencies in Michigan are collaborating in an attempt to show future travel requirements as well as introduce transportation priorities for next twenty years.

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and The state Department of Transportation are gathering demographic info via travel surveys sent to some random households. Most of them will be questioned to record household activities for twenty four hours in a travel diary.

However, some of them would put global positioning systems into place over a 3-day time to collect particular path information.

The executive director of he council told that the survey results would serve these agencies better understand why people travel as well as how they deal with their daily activities. All these data collection started this week and will go on via the end of this year. Read more »


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A Trip to Ypsilanti, Michigan : QVC visit Eastern Michigan University

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Michigan Skateboarding Video

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Brand new Travel Michigan site aims Chinese tourists

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is now in China guiding a delegation from his state, as well as part of what hes doing is advocating probable travelers to come visit Great Lakes state.

As part of this, Michigan Economic Development Corporation has started a Travel Michigan website in Chinese and it is called – TravelMichigan.cn.

The Governor is speaking about things to do in several places: visiting Detroit Institute of Arts or even taking in Grand Rapids’ Art Prize. In general, he is talking up the natural beauty of the state as well. According to reports, Rick Snyder stated that one is just talking about the natural beauty and the opportunities there. The Great Lakes is a huge selling point because of the wonderful shoreline they have, so he talked about Sleeping Bear Dunes and Mackinac Island as two great scopes.

He also added that they got a big kick out of when he told them in his time as governor he would walked over 5 miles in wooden shoes. Travel Michigan manager Dave Lorenz is now in China with the governor. He told that the state of Michigan is a great place to visit in groups; but it also offers a lot of things other than big city destinations.

Dave Lorenz added that people who travel to the United States wants to see a lot of things other than big hitters. They come to see the real America; they come to see what they had to offer.

MIS is Detroit’s Fifth Sports Team, Economic Shot in the Arm

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